Cable News With An Agenda

The history of oppression of free press among those who want to control and retain it is amazing. And several philosophers noticed this. He owns the media and owns the hearts of the people. Today, Silicon Valley, Google and Facebook, wants to remove “fake news” from their sites, Google News and Facebook’s news feed. Of course, it offers fairly smooth slopes and extensive censorship. In fact, both companies have found that they are curbing legal news and improving positive news for left-wing politicians. Washington DC is working to prevent fake news in the media and online to prevent foreign governments from undermining our elections and addicting people with propaganda. Still, it’s clear from the mainstream media reporting on this effort in Washington, DC that the target is right-wing alternative online news. Mainstream media are worried that they may have lost millions of viewers due to the large amount of advertising revenue from online news sites. They are all these forces. Do mainstream media, Democrats, major social media and internet search engines work together to manage our information and the minds of the masses?
If history is a judge, the answer is yes. All dictatorships, communist states, and even the Nazi regime worked very hard to manage the news. Terrorists, espionage, and even the nation-states that sponsor terrorism use news for propaganda. Visit:-
There was a title in an interesting article by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on January 7, 2014. “Al Jazzy Lath’s Fake News Problem” by Judy Bacrac. From my point of view, every news agency has an agenda and great power that has people’s hearts. When discussing this in our group of experts, one thinker pointed it out.

“The author of the article placed Israel near the fulcrum of the center of his judgment, then made contradictory conclusions and summarized them as follows: 1. You can’t blame them for abusing liar journalists
2. I think I should be on the side of the liar. Because the second fix says they have the right to lie. “”

Brainstormer points out that these are dangerous emotional jokes rather than facts, and read something about the American network because you have to go to the BBC and other media on a regular basis to get the right news. Claim to like.
Wow, those are some great comments. Still, media like RT (Russian TV) often tends to be negative towards the United States. Sometimes it’s correct, look in the mirror. Sometimes it’s just a useful negative statement. Like a clockwork, several times a day. I think Al Jazeera America is often better than RT, but not so when it comes to denominational issues in the Middle East, it’s also a one-way street. RT is generally left wing bias, which makes sense. Today’s news, well, requires keen eyes and dedication to read between types, vignettes, and sound bites.

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