Choosing a Truck Driving Job Part III – How Your Family and Lifestyle Will Affect Your Choice

In a Part of our series, Picking A Truck Driving Job Part I: Factors Which Impact All Companies, we Discussed different factors and Factors which will affect your Expertise at any Business you go to work for,

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including:The Elusive”Best Trucking Companies” and the Mythical”Perfect Trucking Company”Competition and Politics Within Each Trucking CompanyDifferent Divisions Working Together, or at Times, Working Against Each OtherCompetition Inside the Business Make very individual Communicate well with your companyProve yourself as a driver , ask favors secondlearn how to comprehend your business and the trucking industry generally Surround yourself with the right individuals Get to know the right peopleand more…. Now, in part III, let us begin talking about how you ought to select a truck driving job according to your personality and lifestyle that is preferred.First let us begin with your lifestyle. Are you married? Divorced? Do you’ve got kids? Would you prefer to travel broadly and see the state or have you already had that opportunity and would rather stay near home?Home time is among the main considerations you should make when selecting a truck driving job. There is 1 point I cannot stress enough – if you’ve got a family of your own, please, please, please do not take an over the road truck driving job where you’re gone for months at a time. It’s been done by thousands of truck drivers over the years, and is being done by tens of thousands now, but the strain it places on each member of the household is enormous and is just not required. Countless numbers of households have split up because of the time they spend apart. I certainly do not wish to see that number grow.Even for those who have a family, regional truck driving jobs can be stressful, but I believe it could be achieved – at least for a while. But it will surely test your connection with your partner, as well as your kids. Ideally you’d like to be home with your family everyday, but often times that your fiscal situation dictates which you get a really good paying job, which you may not be able to find with a local company. Be forewarned though, even just a regional trucking job is going to be a massive evaluation of your household’s strength, and of course the fact that you will lose out on a lot of your household’s lives.What if you’re married, or in a serious relationship, but you do not have any kids? There are a lot of couples who travel together. In some cases, both are motorists and share the driving responsibilities, and also in other instances only one pushes and the other helps out in different ways such as with navigation, telephone calls, paperwork, and a variety of other responsibilities. But again, be forewarned – the inside of your truck would be the extent of a walk-in cupboard and you two will be together almost nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days per week. I really don’t know whether you’ve ever tried to share a very small space with another person almost ever minute of every day but it’s not straightforward. At best it is going to take a lot of getting used to, and at worst you will be at one another’s throats occasionally. Some couples may handle it, many can’t. Quite often the only real way to find out is to try it. But if you do decide to give it a shot please don’t give up your home or apartment straight away. Wait a few months. If you can handle it for perhaps 3 months then you should be ok. Frequently, however, the two parties are glad that they can travel together sometimes, and at other times one person can stay home to give themselves a rest and to take care of other duties. There is actually no easy answer for this kind of situation. It’s a matter of trial and error.When I started driving I was 21 years old, I had not traveled too much, had never been married, and had no kids. The thought of traveling all of the time and living in the truck seemed amazing , and it was! The better part of my first 9 decades of driving was over the road. I’d stay on the street for weeks and sometimes months at a time. I just totally loved it! It truly suited my personality and lifestyle perfectly. I managed to give up my apartment, my automobile, and just let the money piled up in the lender. I usually found myself driving a lot throughout the week and with a lot of free time on the weekends to entertain myself. It had been spectacular! So your first concern should be home time. Do not convince yourself to do something that deep down inside you probably have some severe doubts about. If you’ve got a household, please attempt to locate a job with as much dwelling time as possible. If you absolutely NEED to make as much money as you can, at least for a little while, then try to formulate a good program which can get you out of your money dip and into a place to have a job with more home time as soon as possible. I’m telling you, an excessive amount of time away from home can ruin a family. Try to avoid it.Within the next part of this series, we will discuss the difference between working at one of the larger trucking companies, versus among the smaller trucking companies. I’ve worked at companies with over 5000 trucks, so I’ve worked with eleven trucks, and everything in between. There are a few major, important differences between them and we will cover them in detail next.We would really appreciate it if you would leave a quick comment so we know exactly how we are doing and we can supply you with better articles in the future. Thanks so much!

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