How to Increase Blog Traffic

Nowadays, everyone has a blog , but the majority blogs are left unread on the cloud of the internet. The most common question I get asked is, how can I bring more visitors to my blog? The answer is easy and if you’re willing to invest some effort, you can get it done without cost as well.

Blogs are more or less similar to any other site available. They are certainly created to make it simple for bloggers to publish pictures, news, and videos without requiring a lot of computer expertise however, they’re simply user-friendly mini-websites. Now that you’ve got one, you’re looking to bring more visitors to it, so here are a few simple and free first steps to increase your blog’s traffic.

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#1 Blog About Something People Care About

Really – if no one cares about your blog since it’s just a random blog about your breakfast that morning, you won’t gain a lot of visitors. But, no matter the bizarre your interests might be, someone else is interested in your blog. This one is simple one – simply write about something you think someone else could relate to.

#2 Submit Your Blog to Directories

It’s also simple however it takes some time. There are many free websites that you can upload your blog’s information to. They’re basically phones for blogs. Once you have added your blog to their database, more people are able to locate your blog. You’ll be able classify your blog, and many allow you to use the blog’s own “tags” which are basically keywords that are used to identify your blog. Simply go to your preferred web search and put in the phrase “free blog submission” and you’ll see a variety of websites that can assist you.

#3 Have a Blogroll

Blogs usually have an index of links which lists websites or blogs which are similar or that bloggers enjoy visiting. If you’re looking to boost traffic, look for sites which will exchange links on their blogs in exchange for one from your own. Be careful not to get too excited in this, since you could lose traffic if you misuse this. This is the place where you begin to explore the web’s more in-depth and internal workings, so to keep it short we’ll leave it at this: don’t put more than about 100 links on your home page, or you could reduce your chances of getting large traffic.

#4 Submit Your Blog to Feedreaders

The majority of blog platforms can create an “feed”. There are many discussions about RSS, feedreaders, or syndication. What this basically means is that every blog makes an inventory of the posts that are added to it , much as headlines in a newspaper. There are websites out that offer services such as the Blog Directories where you can send your RSS feed or blog feed to. If you do this , they’ll take your headlines and visitors can go through the directory to find interesting blogs. The great thing about these feeds is that they will continue to monitor your blog for updates , so after you’ve posted it, you’ll reap the rewards!

#5 Blog Often and When Appropriate

A common mistake bloggers make is to blog when they don’t have anything useful to say , just to make an additional “post” on their blog. If you’re doing this, then you will struggle to gain followers who are keen to save your blog to their bookmarks or favorites. But, you must frequently keep your blog updated. If you don’t update your blog regularly, then your readers will get bored. Make sure you blog regularly, but be sure that you’re posting something that is interesting.

#6 Make Sure Your Blog Has a Theme

If your blog is all over the place , you’ll struggle to put up a community. There may be a few visits from random users, but you’d like to create a community. In order to do this, you’ll likely need to choose a few categories that you’ll be posting about and stick to the ones you like. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys making random posts, you can create a category titled Random Thoughts or something along the lines, but be cautious.

#7 Pingbacks and Trackbacks

If you wish to get people to come to your blog, then go to other blogs related to yours and participate. It is common for people to post comments that include links to their own blog or a related one in their comments. They are an aspect of the pingback/trackback system that can be quite a bit of fun, and can also bring you lots of extra traffic. Be careful not to spam since you’ll annoy your potential customers and be removed from your blog and you’ll lose the ability to comment.

#8 Appearance Matters

Each blog service has templates that can help create a unique blog or feature a design you like. You can often modify your blog using custom images and tweak the design. Although this could be beneficial to your blog, make sure you don’t make it a nuisance to readers who might be interested. Most people don’t want to visit a website that is painful to view or is filled with music that they don’t like.

Here are eight easy tips to boost your blog’s traffic. The most important thing to keep in mind is that increasing your blog’s traffic will lead to be a challenge.

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