I May Be a Knucklehead, But I’m Not Insane

Nobody is ideal except maybe the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage comes close.I have never caught her in some imperfection, or when I had, nobody would know it .

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There is such an obsession today for folks to be perfect. They judge everyone , which is insane in itself.Often my wife will catch me in something and say,”Are you acting like a knucklehead?”If only she knew I wasn’t acting. The easy truth is, I don’t know what I am supposed to know. I really don’t know what I am not supposed to understand. It becomes rather confusing after a while, and it slips over into the subject of knuckleheadhood.If it comes to fixing things, I’m the classic knucklehead. When something is broken, then I can make it more broken in only a couple of minutes.In the event the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage sees a thing broken, she can fix it in the twinkling of an eye. At the time I didn’t know what it actually meant.On occasion, I have been with her when she chose her van to the repair shop. It is the most beautiful experience I could have.When the repair person sees my spouse coming , he thinks she is only a woman. Boy, is he in for a surprise.She takes the repair person to her vehicle and explains, in detail, what is wrong with the automobile and how to fix it.She’ll say to him”I will fix itI just don’t have the time today.” Then he will explain to my wife what should be done and how he’s likely to perform it.Wrong step.Again, she’ll tell him exactly what is wrong and precisely what he needs to do to fix it. Then she’ll say,”When it’s not fixed how I tell you, I am not going to pay for it.”Fortunately, for him personally he fixes it exactly how she needs it. Where she got all that knowledge about a vehicle, I do not know. I don’t question; I always go along. After all, she has saved me a great deal of money by fixing things herself.One time there was something wrong with all our air conditioning, and the repairman came to repair it. Then she walked off. In a few minutes, he came back and stated,”I’m going to need to visit my garage and receive a tool I want to correct this.”She looked at him and stated,”What tool do you need?””Oh, you wouldn’t know what it is. It is something unique for my job.””Tell me exactly what it’s; maybe I have it.”He laughed a hearty chuckle and told her the tool he needs.”I’ve got that tool. Let me go to my garage and get it and bring it to you, and you won’t have to leave; you can fix it straight away.”He looked at her, then rubbed his chin, looked at me, and then took the instrument she brought to him. He walked to where he had been doing his repair job, shaking his mind every step of the way.If it comes to work like this, I’m a professional knucklehead for certain. I wouldn’t know one tool from a different, which may get me into trouble.We’re closing in on the 50th anniversary of the marriage. I have yet to find something that she can’t fix. And believe me, I have broken a lot of things throughout our life.1 time, the front bumper on my truck was broken and sagging. I told my wife that I would take it into the repair shop to get it fixed.”No,” she said as she walked into the house,”let me fix it to you.””There,” she said,”it is fixed; you don’t have to take it into the repair shop.”I left very heartily, understanding that the paperclips didn’t fix the problem, but I didn’t want to tell her facing her. I thought I would play out the match until the paperclips fell off.This was three years back, and they’re still set up.I don’t know how this works. However, as a knucklehead, I am not going to pursue it and end up in a swamp of insanity. Another week I tripped and fell and happily did not break any bones. My fear is if I break my arm, then she’ll want to repair it right away. I am not saying she can’t mend it, but I don’t want to move there.Perhaps this is why our union is so excellent. She’s fixed everything that was broken, and that I think she’s done most of these behind my back.As I thought of this, I was reminded of a few of my favorite Bible verses. To”walk together in arrangement” is probably the most amazing thing about a union.

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