Outstanding Luxury Hotel – Sofitel Old Cataract Chosen as a Most Beautiful Hotel of the World

The setting for Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, this historical Victorian resort is perhaps the best resort in all Egypt. It’s and expertise, together with artifact searching and grave seeing which must be on the listing of each luxury adventure traveler’s listing.

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The Old Cataract Expertise
Envision this situation: Input the big high-ceiling reception and notice the mix of Victorian elegance and oriental arabesques. Keep straight on till you get to the terrace. Gaze out in the Egyptian sailing ships known as feluccas gliding across the waters of the Nile on both sides of Elephantine Island. Feel the warm breeze as you sit down and detect the long-robed porters softly scuffing down the broad halls. Research this confluence of yesteryear and the present, of East and West and as the server hands you your freezing martini or cold lemonade, and consider the peacefulness and tranquility of everything. That is the Old Cataract Hotel, welcoming visitors into its relaxing interiors because 1899 and considered among the best resorts in all Egypt.
Perched atop a granite outcrop in the Nile river’s edge in Aswan, Egypt, the resort takes its title in the seas First Cataract (rapids). The big spacious guest rooms feature antiques, nice Egyptian linens, high ceilings, and many have achingly beautiful Nile views.
The expansive restaurant, 1902, one of many in the resort, was inaugurated to the introduction of the first Aswan dam, together with Winston Churchill, various royalty and dignitaries in attendance. French Continental cuisine is served at a grand vibrant Moorish interior. The languorous beauty of the Nile will catch you in the Old Cataract, an adventure not to be overlooked.
Luxurious experiences for the daring from your foundation in the Old Cataract:
It is possible to bargain for a ship to engine you to find this wonderful isle that’s full of temples which were transferred there to be maintained when the Aswan Dam was made.
Simply take a 2-hour airplane ride to go to the enormous Abu Simbel — colossal seated figures presiding over a little temple which may be entered.
Go for a cruise on one of the feluccas, the most adorable sail ships that route around the Nile.

Luxurious style: Adventurers who adore the whiffs of the Old Cataract’s colonial past; dreamers who desire nothing more than just see feluccas drift lazily across the Nile; historians who want to walk into the shoes of Howard Carter; Agatha Christie lovers who want to glimpse shadow of”Death on the Nile”; really just about everybody who’s had the idea that they’d love to find the tombs of the early pharaohs among their life list achievements.
What we’ve discovered: When there was a competition for most beguiling place on the planet to while the hours away, the terrace in the Old Cataract hotel would definitely be a rival.
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