Trending and Non-Trending Markets

Traders start daily in anticipation of quality trading. It is up to the market to give traders the opportunity to participate. Also, it does not always coincide with a quality opportunity for a trader to choose a trade with a high probability.
Trending markets, or markets moving in different directions, are what every trader wants to see on his charts. These markets offer a generous opportunity for traders to show off their skills and make high-probability trades with potential profits. Depending on the article or book you are reading, the market tends to be between 30% and 40% of the time. These are the times when traders are most actively involved in market movements.
However, there may be no trends in the market. During these periods, the market generally moves sideways in a winding pattern, getting traders to try their luck. Trading in market integration is rarely a good idea, especially for novice traders. It is dangerous and can be very difficult to trade. Integrating the market using the fishing metaphor is like sitting on a boat when the fish are not chewing. It can be frustrating to see a bar pass through the screen without a clear opportunity to trade.
I’m a reseller and most of the time I deal with trends. In fact, I trade trends for over 90% of the time. Less than 10% of my transactions are reverse trend transactions. The only off-trend trade is usually made by the tick leaf generated by the NYSE tick indicator. Most of the large traders I have the privilege to trade are also trend traders.
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This is a very easy question to¬† answer. It’s much easier to follow the flow than to go against it. Ask the salmon how much fun it is to swim against the flow for several weeks in a row. It’s a tough job and they get terrible beats. Trading against the trend is probably similar to swimming against the present. Trends can usually return to some majors and then resume in the direction of the trend. It’s a great way to lose money and destroy your self-confidence. Of course, this can easily be avoided. Do not trade against the trend. Do not try to swim against the flow.
You may want to know that declining markets are moving three times faster than emerging markets. Uptrend markets are gradually uptrends, as opposed to the more intense and irregular downtrends characterized by downtrends. There are various theories as to why this phenomenon occurs, but I think the most compelling theory states that people tend to sell out of fear and become more practical as inventories increase. The logical consequence of these phenomena is that trading uptrends requires more patience, and trading downtrends requires quick and concise trading decisions.
The point of this article is simple, and it is that the trend market is the most profitable time to trade. Non-trend markets are difficult to trade and insidious. Especially novice traders are best to avoid.

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