Wellness Steps to Good Health


Recently I wrote a critical critique of Dr. Ken Cooper’s “12 Steps for Good Health.” A reader suggested I create my own 12 Steps to Good Health.

I did. Enjoy.

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1.The Wellness Report

Join the AWR to receive 12 issues. It shouldn’t be a problem. The 763 editions of the book are accessible electronically and subscriptions are completely free. There is no need to pick between the 12 editions available and any combination will put you on the path towards a truly healthy mental state. It’s hard to believe if you take a look at the most experienced readers. Pay attention to the way they behave and their ease, peace, their sparkling vassals and their valves for comportment. Additionally, take note of their confidence and self-confidence. It is important to not forget their passion for athletics as well as their exuberance and love of logic.

2.Review your thoughts

This is especially important when the idea isn’t unique.

No matter how simple it is to feel comfortable in a relationship. Your thoughts could be sucking in the larger idea of the word. Perhaps your rules and beliefs may not be as unreasonable after all. It is possible that you will succeed if you look at what you learned about the recurring problems that plague our lives. To borrow a term from Guy Noir, Private Eye. Private Eye was a man who resided in the 12th floor of the Acme Building during many nights of darkness in a city that understood how to keep its secrets.

(In the case of an actual puzzle, it’s actually an iconic skit from Garrison Keillor’s adored “Prairie Home Companion” radio show.

3.Minimal Exercise

Begin today or, If you’re exhausted and want to go to bed take a walk and complete at minimum 20 minutes of physical activity. Don’t use less than five pace picks. This can increase the heart rate of 30 seconds to a minute. It can be done each throughout your life. It doesn’t matter what kind of athlete you play doing, whether you run, cycle, swim, or row. Do it each and each day. It’s best to be having fun and be creative. Wear appropriate clothes, and look for others to be part of your group when exercising, if it’s attractive.

4.The Best Diet

Explore different food options and, if you’re capable of managing it, think about going vegan. It’s possible for just 6percent of Americans to achieve this and me, not including. I am a largely vegetarian, but I do succumb to the lure of egg whites, gruyere cheese as well as cream in my morning coffee. Ecotopia isn’t my aim. Veganism isn’t the aim. It is beneficial for your health, for example weight loss, and offers a variety of delicious choices. Veganism deserves serious attention due to the severity of cruelty to animals. It also aids in slowing the global warming process by reducing the emission of animal farms that are heavy on emissions. You’ll be amazed by the wide range of flavor choices available.

5.Heroism, Your Style

Perform a heroic act. The term “heroic” is not specified by the authorities. The word is used to describe an exceptional and thrilling event. It is a sequence of events that are a culmination of months of planning you are able to achieve something that is unique, meaningful and difficult. You are ecstatic about the perfect condition you’ve achieved with a little luck and help by special assistors and aidors and the effort and time spent. There are a variety of options. Here are some guidelines to consider when planning an act of courage. You are also able to set your own standards. It must be physically demanding and require at least three months to plan. It must be a challenge however it is able to be accomplished. It should not be the end-all-be-all. After you’ve completed one brave act that meets these requirements, or your own, you should continue to perform it – whether every year, or every two years, or at any time that you feel it is appropriate.

Don’t be enticed or attracted by extreme activities like climbing Mt. Everest or even participating in the NFL or NBA. These kinds of goals are not realistic for the majority of people. You could choose something that is that is achievable, but it has to be challenging and difficult however, it must be within your reach.

You must be able to execute heroic actions. (Hint: Practice and practice, practice, practise. Good luck.

6.Conscious Meaning Re Life

In the meantime, until new information and insights are made available, consider the possibility of the. It is worthwhile to bring to the forefront your convictions regarding the reason you’re in this place.

Richard Dawkins argues that the death of humans is a blessing in “Unweaving The Rainbow: Science, Delusion, and the Appetite to Explore.” Here is an excerpt of Dawkins’ argument:

“Most people will not pass away, since they will never ever be born.” People who might have been in my position however, who won’t be able to see the light of day, are more than the grains of sand in Arabia.”

Do not be afraid, people. Let’s say that you are not to be logical to believe that the sky god brought you to fulfill some goal. What do you do? What do you do? Maybe you’ll decide, as did Ingersoll that there’s meaning and pleasure when you contribute to the happiness of other people. You may discover ways to showcase your talents and develop them, and “reap the greatest satisfaction” from being loved by those who have touched your lives.

Human development can be accomplished by pursuing challenging, fulfilling and fulfilling types of meaning and purpose which are built on your individual character, talents and the situations. It’s up to you.

7.Healthy Models

It is important to surround you with people who are embracing the wellness mentality. This means they are positive, caring and positive, as well as happy and realistic. They also take good care of themselves. People who are optimistic and optimistic, who embrace the common sense, and take care of their families and friends are also highly regarded. It is also important to make acquaintances with those who are in harmony with the spirit of sports, passion, reason liberty, and other things.

It is more easy to maintain and keep positive intentions in a business such as this.

8.Daily Learning

Explore and learn more than you have ever. Find new avenues and pursue an education that broadens your horizons. It is essential regardless of age, but is more important in the later stages. In a nutshell it is the moment when you might be tempted to slow down as vital organs and body parts are causing problems. A fresh mind should be tapped to discover new ways to sustain and increase the energy that a true health-focused mindset can provide. Imagine the infinite possibilities that are available to you, as you imagine the world as (which is actually a kind of) an enormous museum. It is possible to explore the numerous collections and experience the edginess of a dilettante exploring the world of art, science, history, culture , and the natural world.

It’s not possible to carry it around because you’ll never leave after you’ve passed away. Be prepared to confront the facts and be willing to take them in the eye. Be aware that if you don’t, you’ll eventually be incapacitated, your mind will be gone ahead of all of us do and you’ll become an inconvenience to all, even though few will acknowledge that. It’s easy to overlook death and forget the fact that it is happening.


Have fun if you’ve had lots of laughter. Ingersoll stated that one should “never be unable to discover every gem of happiness” within his path. Instead of looking for problems or love in the wrong places, find ways to be more fun frequently during the day. It’s good for your demeanor. It’s a great way to enjoy it, especially traditional belly laughter that brings tears to your eyes. Humor can boost your health, and everything else (social relationships and satisfaction at work and bodily functions, etc.) can be enhanced.

There are many possibilities for comedy – it’s everywhere. Humor is more widely popular than porn, and is more well-known than comedy. The impact of laughter on interpersonal relationships as well as in business is acknowledged in the best-selling books and TED talks. There are also comedy conferences that (CEU credits are available!) Medical journals that are learned also deal with the science of comedy.

Humor can come in various forms, including satire, absurdity, and mischief are only some examples. There is a way to find more humor in your everyday life. Make an effort to find it. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on opportunities.

Be cautious if you’re planning to share humorous messages. Be aware of your audience. Humor is risky and also subjective. While almost everyone loves to laugh but the definition of what is funny is highly subjective. Some people may find a hilarious joke or situation amusing and may cause another to smile. It’s not a good idea to be laughing at Kim Jong Un, for instance. What may be amusing to one person might be offensive to someone else. Do not make fun of lawyers, blondes, or ethnic groups. (Why do sharks not bite lawyers?) Professional courteous.

It’s possible to look on the positive side and have a lot more fun than you might otherwise, if you don’t look for these. There is a low chance of adverse effects or an overdose.

10.Effective Thinking

Every chance to sharpen your decision-making abilities. The media is filled with fake news, that isn’t meant to serve as a source for to Trump’s media coverage. However, con artists, Russian hackers and get-rich-hucksters and slick prosperity gospel preachers, lonely souls looking for long walks along the beach with soul-mates who are generous and a myriad of swindlers are looking to steal your money. Be aware that whatever they’re selling isn’t likely to be effective, and you probably will not use it, and their claims regarding it are probably to be false. Don’t trust any of these claims. Be skeptical, be skeptical, and skepticism can ensure that you stay on the right path until you’ve done the necessary research.

Learn as much as you can on the mysterious, three-pound mystery which is yours. Our brains naturally gravitate towards simple explanations of complex issues. This is why we often get caught up in conspiracy theories, pseudoscience theories, absurd doctrines, quackery and other types of deceit. Another reason to believe that we are flawed is the religions. They promote obedience, not the ability to think critically. Religions oppose doubt and doubt, both of which are essential tools for making better choices.

Ingersoll was an advocate of efficient decisions in the realm of religion. He recognized that reason is only a dim flame that flickers by stumbling frogs in the dark night, and tossed by the storms of passion, and yet, it is the sole illumination. It is possible to extinguish it, and nothing else will be left.

With two million-year-old brains that are extremely advanced but aren’t fully adapting to the modern world reasoning is a dim and ineffective light. But, it’s the sole shining light in our modern times. Guy Harrison, author half dozen books on reasoning, including “Good Thinking” The Essentials You Need to Know to be more secure, smarter and wealthier and recommends that these skills become an ethical level – as the epidemic of poor reasoning is the most unrecognized problem facing humanity.

11.Service to Others

Don’t expect anything in return. Seek no credit. To promote a fundamental principle (e.g. to help those in need, help animals or to save the earth There are endless opportunities to give selflessly.

While personal benefits may not be the primary reason for doing something but it will always give you plenty of healthy and satisfying returns. Even if nobody notices doing something good for a while, it will increase your self-esteem and the meaning behind it.

The International Good Deeds Day organizers (April 15th this year) have conducted research studies which show that these efforts help reduce stress and improve the life expectancy of people. They also boost happiness and help people feel happy. This is because of the release of endorphins, which are the brain’s happy mood-enhancing chemicals.

According to a study from 2012 published in Psychological Science, thinking back to times you’ve assisted others can make you desire to repeat the act. Giving back to others can be self-empowering. Studies show that reflecting on your good deeds from the past will make you more selfless and inspire you to be more generous. It’s a good deal you get your own health benefits as well as helping others.

12.Beyond the Pale Blue Dot

The most effective and efficient stress-management method – thoughts about time and space are always on your mind. It’s difficult to control the negative feelings of jealousies, anger, fears, or anger after just a few minutes of thinking about the space and time. What’s the matter with spilled milk? If you remember this quote from Monty Python’s classic “The The Meaning of Life” It will be obvious:

Mrs. Brown: “Whenever you are feeling down or depressed in your life, you’ll know that you’ve had enough.”

(Thanks to Eric Idle for the “Galaxy Song” A excellent stress-relief song.

It is a reliable stress reliever to turn your focus to the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of stars within our Milky Way Galaxy. This is only one of the billions of galaxies that comprise hundreds of thousands of stars. Do not let your hippocampus become up in the air trying to determine the amount of planets there that revolve around a specific star. There could be planets hidden that lie in deep mist that are inhabited by people who are taught that they’re the central and ultimate goal of a grand plan.

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