Winning Woodsball Strategies

For certain players they are all about equipment. Making sure you have the most recent, best, fastest and coolest looking paintball guns and accessories is a big element of the excitement. In scenario woodsball, realistic replica rifles with camouflage jackets, tactical vests bring a new dimension to the game that appeals to a lot of. Active and ex-military police, law enforcement, and any male who played “army” when a kid is drawn to this style of paintball. You can completely immerse yourself in the scenario by dressing up as soldiers or wearing authentic gear. This increases the thrill and excitement of playing. Although all the cool gear is great for peaking interest however it’s the intricate nature of the game that keep players wanting more. If you’re hoping to be successful, you’ll quickly find there is much more to woodsball than the equipment; it’s a game of technique and strategy.

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Just like in competition speedball the team you play with will be beat every time if your opponent has a better plan. You will have much less difficulty in getting your goals accomplished, even if your players are skilled at higher levels. If you’re playing in the same area every day it’s much easier to create specific game strategies that you can practice and get proficient at. Strategies involve the movements of players, different strategies of attack, and ways to get the opposing team to take action and stay on the defensive. If you are playing on a field that you are familiar with you may incorporate certain aspects of the course into your game plan such as forcing your opponent into an ambush or bottleneck. If you are playing on a brand new field, and you’re unfamiliar with the lay of the course, it’s very smart to be there early and walk around before playing so you can come up with strategies quickly and be prepared. If you don’t have a opportunity to perform this, the base strategy you must have anyway is for your team to be organized so that players have distinct roles to fill. This will let you respond to each other and create strategies if needed.

There are obvious advantages when you play on a surface that you’ve practiced on and have considered your “home turf”. However it is important to know the strategies your team has come up with that you can use wherever you travel. Flanking is a prime example of a method. The flanking technique occurs when your team goes on both sides of the course , and then turns inwards so that there’s nowhere for your opponent to move. Flanking is most effective when you have more players than your opponents. If your opponent is following the same idea flanking is not a good idea, however the goal is to be proficient in certain movements like this. You can then try it on any course you choose to play on. Another strategy for movement is to rush. Capture the Flag games are one of the best examples of how to beat your opponent. There are many ways you can rush your opponent, and it all depends on the way you arrange the field. The basic concept is for the bulk of your team to spread out and move towards the goal (flag, bunker, fort, etc. ), overwhelming the target with shots from all directions. While your team focuses on the main objective, one or more of your teammates is juggling the rush of your players.

Paintball is a highly fiercely competitive sport. It’s common to make a move towards the opposing team or towards a preferred spot. In some instances, but not always, it is best to remain in a defensive position in the field. This strategy is the most effective when defending a fort or when your team is far outnumbered. If your opponent has more than 4 or 5 players than you, surprising them by hiding and waiting for them to arrive at your location is best. Sometimes, playing defense can give you a more insight into the movements of your opponent. But, this will depend on the way in which your field is laid out. You won’t be caught in the crossfire or flanked by keeping the eye on your opponent. Woodsball is a sport in which defensive strategies aren’t about that you stay in one spot for the entire game. Moving around is essential to maintain an advantage on your opponent, whether playing offense or defense.

The team needs an established communication strategy to ensure that the majority of movement strategies are effective. As opposed to speedball which is played on a small, closed course the game of scenario paintball takes place on an open, much larger course. If the game is about to begin, and your team must split and you’ll need a way to communicate to each other so you can collaborate to complete your task. Lack of communication can make you a loose group of people who do what is most appropriate at the moment. It is simple to be beaten by a team which has a system down. Whether this is a series of phone calls, messages being carried between players by one particular player, or a silent throat mic system it is essential to have a method of communicating with each other when/if you are dispersed or in different places. It is best to keep your communications system in a quiet state if you do not wish to attract the attention of the adversaries. For woodsball games on large courses, walkie-talkies or throat microphones are ideal. They also allow for more realistic play. ).

Communication is important, but it is crucial to create the right system for communicating with your teammates. However, you should not sacrifice your stealth. Woodsball is all about stealth. The ability to stealthy move is essential for getting better positions and astonish your opponentsso that they are not prepared for the attack. From silenced communication to paintball markers and markers that is silent, stealth must be a priority throughout the duration in a scenario game. Your opponent won’t be in a position to detect you. Camouflage clothing will help you blend into your surroundings and remain invisible. This can allow you to feel more at ease and secure even when there’s not much cover. The right camouflage is essential for this to be effective. It is crucial to be aware about the local environment and fauna in order to match the camo’s colors to them. If playing in the fall months, choose an orange-red camouflage. Choose a lighter camouflage when you’re playing in spring. If playing in the summer, choose a more greenish color and depending on your location for winter, you can use white camo or a very dark camo, provided it’s the weather is not snowing.

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