7 Reasons to Consider a Modern Jive Beginner Dance Workshop

If you are like most people, at one point in your life you’ve probably wished you could dance only to enjoy the excitement and fun of it. If you’re a male, you’re fascinated by the thought of moving confidently around the dance floor and leading your partner in a fun dance. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting cool on the dance floor, as well as having your fellow dancers and guests watch as you effortlessly dance to your favorite songs and dance club classics in equal measure. Visit:- https://www.fds-dance.com/

You may have witnessed others dance with friends at a celebration or a social gathering and thought “I wish I could dance like that.” If you’re a female, you might love the idea of taking the lead in the dance hall and it’s nice to partner dance rather than dancing by yourself – yet again.

For some the new year was the ideal time to build a foundation for those dreams and they succeeded. But for others especially the guys all too often, the dream is put to the backseat to thoughts such as this:

  • I can’t dance
  • I have two left feet
  • There is no way I can get onto the floor
  • I’d look ridiculous on the dancefloor
  • I’d make a lot of mistakes.
  • I’m unable to dance to a beat
  • I’m pretty dorky on the dance floor
  • I couldn’t possibly learn to dance like that

And so on.

The great news

The best part is that there are more options than ever before to learn how to dance. You can enroll in formal group lessons that will help you learn to dance in a short time. You can even take private dance lessons and receive individual instruction. It’s expensive but extremely efficient. It is also possible to check out dance moves online with video. As well as dancing being an excellent way to stay healthy and fit, it’s also a good goal to set. Don’t be shocked to discover that you actually dance in less time than you might imagine.

One of the best actions you can take as beginner dancer is taking an introduction to dance workshop. There are dance classes for all levels of ability. Are you brand new to social or partner dancing? Then a modern jive beginner workshop is worth a look. In less than 4 hours, you could significantly change your life.

What’s Modern Jive?

Modern Jive is one of the most straightforward forms of dance to master. It’s influenced by a variety of dance forms, including salsa, ballroom, swing and merengue. It’s not formal and less formal making it an excellent introduction to dancing with partners for people who are just beginning. While newer to Canada contemporary jive has gained a huge following across England, Australia, New Zealand and France, where it’s been popular since the late 1980s. Although mastering every new skill takes time, the method that modern Jive classes are taught ensures females and males are dancing comfortably in a dance hall at any socially within six months and, sometimes, in as little times as 6-8 weeks.

A modern jive beginner’s class is an intensive small group course aimed at men and women who’d like to learn to dance and who haven’t danced before. As compared to other dances modern jive requires less time to master because unlike other formal dances such as salsa or ballroom dancing, the focus is less on the place to put your feet down and more on learning a few basic beginner moves and movements for the upper part of your body.

Why would you take a beginner dance class if it is possible to master the art of dancing in time?

Here are 7 good reasons for it is worth taking a beginner dance class is worth it

1. An introduction workshop actually cuts down your learning curve in dancing

You start building your dance foundation earlier. You are less stressed about the fundamentals in class and instead benefit from your leap forward. It is possible to concentrate on dancing much sooner and this improves your enjoyment and will increase your confidence.

2. Workshops are a totally different dynamic to a formal evening dance class

Modern jive beginners’ workshop is a smaller group intense session. It means that you’ll receive more attention from the instructor than a weekly class that usually is attended by a larger number of people.

3. Since the workshop is focused on beginner dancers you’ll learn the basic dance moves for beginners.

Practice, repetition and linking the individual moves is essential to a workshop and essential to build confidence and dance skill. While it’s nice to see dancers perform in flashy fashion but beginners can be disappointed if this is all they see. In some cases it can create a false impression that dancing isn’t an achievable goal. It’s not realistic to become professional in such a short period of time, however it is entirely feasible to be able to dance with others in just one or two weeks, or hours. Always remember that every dancer is a student and grows in time. The best dancers attend regular workshops to get their dancing perfect. The better they get, the less mistakes they’ve made, and the lessons they’ve learned from, and the more they’ve practiced.

4. Everybody in the modern jive beginner workshop is eager to learn something.

As dancers, we’re always learning. As with anything in life there is always a better dancer than you, which is good because you can gain knowledge from these. When it comes to dancing it is important to make mistakes as a method to learn, therefore during a dance class you’ll learn to laugh and make mistakes and learn from them and move along.

5. You’d like to work on specifics?

If you’re just beginning to learn, you might wish to improve a specific area of dancing, improve your spinning (if you’re a woman) or master the art of lead (if you’re a male). Guys, perhaps you’d like learn how to transition confidently between one dance to the other or you’ve discovered a new technique that you’d like to master. Whatever you want to learn or enhance your skills, a beginners workshop is a great way to achieve your goals within a few hours in a group of fellow enthusiasts.

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