Automotive Advertising Agencies Need to Reinvent

The job of automotive advertising agencies is changing along with the auto industry they serve. It is important for auto advertising firms to learn from themselves as well as their clients who are auto dealer customers about their changing roles in a consolidating auto industry that is shifting onto what is known as the Internet Super Highway vs. local car rows.

Solutions and problems shared at actual world events in the automotive industry are having an impact , and the gradual shift towards the new pull/push world of the consumer-driven Internet will become increasingly obvious. Additionally, a rising number of social networking communities are helping to promote the message and their timing couldn’t be better.

In the automotive industry is the constant of change. Human nature, of course, is also a constant, but as it is the primary fuel for the most changes in the auto business, it is important to factor it in and considered by automotive advertising agencies , who are now able to seek out consumers for solutions.

Radio, T.V. along with newspapers, aren’t the mediums that are of the day for Internet savvy consumers. B2C messages on the internet are being eliminated in favor of C2C discussions in social network communities that are now scattered across the landscape on the World Wide Web. Automotive advertising agencies have to reinvent themselves as the source which auto dealers rely upon for navigating them onto the Internet Super Highway because that is where their customers are. Visit:-

Becoming ahead of new technology and software that connect selling procedures between the actual showrooms in the real world and online and integrating auto dealers into the discussions that comprise the online marketplace is the first priority for advertising agencies looking to support their auto dealer customers in today’s highly competitive automotive industry. Radio, T.V. as well as print production plays diminished importance in an automotive advertising agency’s toolbox and the use of online production resources will eliminate them altogether in the not too distant future. Additionally, agency commissions from traditional media analysis and placement are being transferred to the media companies as value added services for their auto dealer advertising. At the same time, automotive advertising budgets are shifting to online digital marketing platforms, which have more reliable sources of R.O.I. which is superior to conventional media. The written word is on the wall and advertising agencies in the automotive industry are required to read it or write it down, or accept their declining value in the future of automotive industry.”

The Internet allows consumers to avoid dealerships or even the most strategically placed marketing messages in favor of information sources on the internet that do not rely on auto advertising agencies or auto dealers to provide their content. Initially, third party aggregaters were able to capture online shoppers seeking to avoid both real and virtual world auto dealers by collecting the inventory of hundreds of auto dealers looking to get their inventory in front of today consumers who want to purchase new and used automobiles. Consumers soon realized the limitations of viewing cars on a dealership-focused platform, and the technologically led evolution of online marketing platforms soon provided more consumer-centric solutions.

Auto dealers are now able to earn money from social media through features that encourage car buyers to share their choices for cars with their friends and family online to help them with their car buying experience. These C2C conversations that are pushed into Face Book and other social networking communities replace previous unsuccessful attempts by advertising agencies in the automotive industry to share B2C posts on these social networks. Automotive advertising agencies should be aware of websites offering a variety of complimentary services and ways to gain a place at the table with social media. Furthermore, they must to tell their auto dealer clients about them to justify their agency’s costs!

Other applications that are driven by technology advertising agencies must inform their auto dealer clients about that will let them sell more vehicles and service for less money and with the smallest staff. This includes personal web pages hosted by dealers for their employees, dashboard tools that integrates SMS and phone calls for more extensive and effective follow up, automatic video creation platforms that convert the images displayed on an auto dealer’s website to search engines using Facebook applications that permit auto dealers to display their entire inventory in an attractive and non-destructive page on the Facebook page of the customers. Book page, and also customer interaction platforms that permit online shoppers to initiate two-way video conversations from within an auto dealer’s web page that allows for a turnkey online transaction without having to remove the glass wall that empowers customers to progress through the negotiation process, and appraisal tools which offer visitors NADA estimated values for their trade-in , while also allowing them to select appropriate vehicles from the dealers online inventory to find an alternative vehicle to the one they’re selling.

Any of these innovative online marketing and conversion tools can create a better R.O.I. to even the best written and presented traditional automotive advertising messages and/or online digital marketing campaigns. These innovative solutions that are based on technology and their value to automotive advertising agencies are needed to justify their agency fees to their auto dealer clients within the current auto industry that is undergoing consolidation. Many automotive advertising agencies still operate under the assumption that if they bring enough people to the entrance, then they’ve earned their money. In the current era of consolidation in the auto industry, that’s not true!

Lower sales volumes and reduced profit margins coupled with increased expenses demand that automotive advertising agencies should expand their responsibility areas to include internal selling procedures using systems to increase efficiencies across all departments of an auto dealer, in both their brick and mortar stores as well as their newly developing virtual showrooms. You must be in it to win it and for the foreseeable future the game is being played on the World Wide Web. The most active lanes on the Internet Super Highway are those that connect social networking communities that share data between automotive advertising agencies and car dealerships as much as they do with their customers.


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