Blog – Five Easy Blogging Tips For a Profitable Blog

Making a blog is an easy way to earn money online. As with any other business, you must be vigilant about your blog’s performance. If you’re just beginning to blog, these five tips will assist you in making money from your blog.

1. Set blog goals

Ideally, you should set the goals for your blog prior to when you create your blog. If you set your goals first you’ll be in a position to calculate the amount of traffic you can attract to your blog and therefore the amount of income you’re likely to make.

Before you start your blog, make a note of:

• Your blog’s theme (for instance digital photography, eating tips, or whatever subject you’d like to write about a blog about);

* Utilize keyword research tools to discover how many people are seeking your blog’s theme every day on the internet: 

If there’s less than 100 searches, look for a different subject. Do not be afraid of areas that have a lot of competition. A lot of competition implies that there’s lots of attention, and plenty of visitors too. If your subject has 5000 search a day, and million of Web pages, go ahead and make your blog. Visit:-

* Decide how you’ll earn money through your blog. Are you planning to sell advertising space? Sell products? List the revenue sources for your blog.

* Estimate the income your blog will make in the first, second, third and fifth years. This is, of course, a lot of speculation, but it can drive you to keep on blogging as you realize your blog’s potential.

If you’re new to blogging and no idea about how to define the goals of your blog, get a blogging mentor, or ask questions at forums. Your blog could be the perfect vehicle to generate an income for you, if you treat your blogging as a real business.

After you’ve established some targets for the site, so set up your blog and start writing.

2. Diversify your blog revenue

When you first begin blogging, concentrate on creating articles for your blog and experiment with various forms of income. There’s always a new income generator available, so check out as many different forms of revenue as you can.

3. Focus on the content and make it useful

The bigger your blog, the more traffic you’ll see from the search engines, and the greater number of readers you’ll attract. So, focus on creating high-quality content for your blog. The time you put on content will pay off.

4. Make sure to include keywords in your posts

After a few months old, the search engines will start sending you visitors. Keep that traffic coming by writing posts which include keywords, but make sure you don’t go overboard. If you write, you’ll attract many “long tail” searchers.

5. Promote your blog

If your blog is earning money, allocate a portion of that income to help promote your blog. There are many ways in that you can market your blog. Once again, experiment to see which forms of marketing work best for you.

Look out for other bloggers’ advertisements If you see that bloggers are advertising in a particular region month after month, you’ll be able to know that they’re making money, and may be profitable for you, too.


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