Increase Sales With Travel Incentives

Today’s business environment has changed dramatically over the last decade. Selling can be a daunting task. Being aggressive is no longer enough. When so many new products and services become daily necessities, sales skills alone are not enough to compete. Consumers today are smart. You need to clearly separate your business from the competition and let each of your prospects and customers think: I have to be a complete idiot to do business with someone else .. .. Regardless of price. They buy the best deals and everyone seems to want more than they paid. We need powerful, cost-effective, state-of-the-art marketing tools that appeal to all types of consumers in all industries, online and offline.
Vacation and travel incentives are one of the most powerful ways to attract businesses, retain profitable customers, increase profits, raise product awareness and increase employee productivity. Companies that used vacation travel incentives in marketing and promotion increased sales by at least 30% on both sides of the buying and selling cycle. Companies of all sizes, and virtually any type of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, internet, service, distributor, or direct-to-consumer company, can benefit from incentive travel programs.
Why use incentives?
Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using incentives:

• According to a PNC Bank Corp survey, informed and caring employees are responsible for 80% of the reasons consumers are satisfied.
• Less than one in four American workers work full-time. According to the Public Agenda Forum, half of all workers do nothing but ask questions directly, and 75% of employees can be more effective at work. · According to Forum Corp, 70% of dissatisfied customers leave their suppliers due to inadequate service.
· Based on the Frederick Reichheld Loyalty Effect, a 5% increase in customer retention could increase a customer’s lifetime revenue by 75%.
• Reward and retention efforts can generate significant profits. This is an incentive federation found in a 2003 survey among hundreds of companies that use travel promotions, and how much does promotional travel improve sales productivity? Visit:-
So what can we infer from these findings? The bottom line is that loyal customers and productive employees are the foundation of a successful business. However, constantly maintaining and motivating people can be a daunting task. Proven motivations, holiday and travel incentives, achieve this goal.
Is your incentive correct?
Today’s business environment requires a new generation of incentive programs. Many companies have already discovered that the standard incentives of just a few years ago are not limited to customers and workers in a constantly changing economy. The choice of incentives primarily needs to address the wishes and desires of customers and employees to achieve the desired results.
Hundreds of advocacy groups offer incentive programs aimed at eliciting emotional reactions and motivating people to act positively. Industry research on companies that use incentives reveals that travel is the most attractive win-win incentive. Your sales staff will close more sales, your customers will enjoy an exciting holiday experience, and your business will increase its profits. Why use travel incentives?
-Travel is considered the most effective reward.
According to the results of an email survey by CMI, 58% say that travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Respondents consider travel to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Data Book)

“We need a cash bonus, but travel is a higher reward,” says Verizons Porterfield. In addition, a recent survey of US workers found that 85% were motivated by vacation travel incentives.
-There is nothing better than traveling to achieve long-term results.
In a 2003 incentive survey by the Federation of Incentives, respondents believed that travel and merchandise grants were remembered longer than cash payments. Specifically, 69% fully agree with this statement. (IPC copyright)

Porterfield added: But the perceptions that come from our travel incentives are still alive. “”

-Travel has universal appeal and high value.
“93% prefer travel to other incentives,” USA Today said in a recent survey. This is because vacation trips are something that some or most people couldn’t accomplish on their own.
-Travel is desirable.
Another question raised in the 2003 Wirthlin Worldwide Research Survey was, “Suppose your employer wanted to reward your achievements. What do you think will be most rewarding?” ..

88%-showed a trip they were planning and going with a companion to the destination they chose

5%-Shows planned trips for selected companions with them and their colleagues

5%-Indicates a trip planned only for you and your colleagues

-Travel has promotional value. More exciting and memorable programs can be created on a trip rather than cash.
Do Travel Incentives Work?
Incentives According to the 2003 Travel Data Survey, travel incentives increase sales by an average of 15%. In addition, half of the respondents said their travel incentives reached the target of 75% to 99%. (Incentive magazine)

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