Sexless Marriage

The research was extensive and the method used far exceeded any other study. The University of Chicago published the “public” report in 1994. It was provocatively called Sex in America. The scientific version was called The Social Organization of Sexuality. Although all sex studies can be controversial, this one was thorough in its research to avoid research flaws. It also tried to represent America accurately. Between the ages 18 and 59, 3,432 randomly selected American men were interviewed by trained workers.

Unexpectedly, sex isn’t happening as often as people thought. According to the research, “about a third” have sex at least once a week with a partner, while a third have only sex once a month with a partner. The rest, however, have only sex with one partner or no partners at all. What happens if we exclude singles and only consider married couples? 20 percent of married couples aged between 18 and 59 have had sex less than ten times per year. Another 15% have sex only once a month. The “ten times or less” couples are often called no-sex marriages, or sexless marital relationships. Low-sex marriages are those that sex with each other about twice per month. We’ll be combining them to create the term “sexless marriages” in this article.

Why should Christians be concerned about sexless marriages? First, there is no Biblical prohibition against Christian couples having sexless marital relationships. But they do exist. Research has shown that marital satisfaction and sexual fulfillment rise and fall together. One or both of the mates who are sexually unhappy can negatively impact their marital satisfaction. Medical science has shown that sexual fulfillment is a significant benefit to the body in important ways. We believe Christians should take care of their bodies. This means that Christians should be active in their sexual relationships. Fourth, pornography. A sexless marriage may increase the temptation to use porn. Porn use may also lead to a sexless marital relationship. Porn use can affect or cause sexual fulfillment in marriages.

Biblical Imperative. Some people claim that sex in a Christian marriage is irrelevant. Paul however stated that it is. The husband should satisfy his wife’s sexual desires, while the wife should provide for her husband’s. The husband has authority over the wife’s body, while the wife has authority over his. You should not deny each other sexual relations unless you agree to limit your sexual intimacy so that you can devote more time to prayer. You should then meet again to ensure Satan doesn’t tempt you by your lack of self-control. (1 Corinthians 7:3-5; New Living Version). Visit:-

This commandment of God is not preached often from modern pulpits. It is wrong to deny a spouse sexual fulfillment. It is a crime.

Is it enough to follow this command every day? The health benefits discussed below may have the answer.

Marital Satisfaction
Although there are many studies that could be cited, common sense and observation have shown us that marital satisfaction is closely related to sexual satisfaction. It is a “chicken or egg” question for the social sciences. Is it possible to have greater marital satisfaction and more sexual satisfaction in a couple? This question is currently being investigated by me through the University of Sydney (Australia).

I have seen thousands of marriages and it is clear that if one is unhappy with their marriage, they are less likely to be satisfied with sex. If one spouse is unhappy with the sex of the marriage, the other isn’t satisfied with the marriage. It could be that they are so interdependent that one can’t exist without the other. It is a fact that if one spouse is unhappy with their sexual relationship, whether it is too sensual or not, poor skills, body in disarray, lack of hygiene, hangups, etc., then the marriage is often not happy.

God has commanded that we fulfill our sexual needs in marriages. It is an important factor in marital happiness, according to science. If the church believes divorce is bad, and that staying married is better, then it should clearly teach the Bible’s sexual commandment for sexual fulfillment.

Health Benefits
There has been a lot of research done all over the globe on the medical effects of sexual fulfillment. We don’t have the space to list all of these studies. However, a book by The Johns Hopkins University Press called The Science of Orgasm is a great source of information.

A study in Israel found that women who are fulfilled more often are less likely to suffer a heart attack. Other research has also been done in other parts of the world to reduce the risk of endometriosis and decrease the intensity of cramps. There are many benefits to sexual interaction with the men that can reduce breast cancer risk.

According to a British study, men who are fulfilled more often are less likely than others to suffer a fatal heart attack. Others have shown that they are less likely than others to develop prostate cancer.

When a woman or man reaches fulfillment, oxytocin is released into the brain and body in amounts that promote bonding. A married couple who has achieved sexual fulfillment (each one fulfilled) will bond more with one another and become closer.

Furthermore, each fulfilled goal reduces stress, anxiety, and improves the body’s ability for pain management.

These studies show that there are many “fulfillments” with good health effects. It’s simple: The male body produces new batches of sperm every 72 hours. That’s how God created men. If fulfillment could be achieved on an average every 72 hours that’s about two to three times per workweek. This is the average medically beneficial frequency that most studies have found. According to the Bible, sex should be shared with our spouses at least twice a week. This is how God intended us to feel fulfilled. As mentioned earlier, a marriage where this frequency is maintained has many health and emotional benefits. Also, the marital satisfaction increases. Take care of your body and sexual fulfillment. This will also help you take care of your marriage. All of it ties together.

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