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In this age of technology, everyone loves blogs and yes this is also true for Google. As you’ll discover in the next article, if you’re not already aware of it, when Google loves something you have the option of embracing the idea and develop some feelings about it. The article below explains why blogs are a search engine optimization’s best friend and why they should soon (if they are not already) be an integral part of your business’s online strategy, if you wish to boost traffic and sales.

Blogs make it easier for search engines to read their content . This makes it simpler for users to wow the search engines and start ranking on the first page of results for the keywords you are most interested in. The majority of blogging software manages information and posts by categories that let you categorize your content into specific themes. The main point is that a blog’s structure and efficient use of categories can make your desired key words and phrases easy for search engines to index, rank and rank. To understand how this happens, it is important to know the way blogs function in relation to your traditional web site. Visit:-

Let’s say that you write an article on your traditional website on how awesome your service is. The article is published on a single webpage with maybe a couple of links from your homepage or your internal pages that link to it. This gives search engines one or two opportunities to index and find your article.

Then you publish the same article to your blog. The blog software will post the article on your main blog’s page, which is a long list that is normally sorted according to the date of your most recent blog posts. The article is placed on its own unique page on the blog . If you assign the article to a category, the article will be posted on that specific category page. So for one posting you just got three different pages for your blog, each with your post and keywords rich internal links throughout your blog, which point to the article. For even more exposure assign your article to more than one relevant category . You will receive more pages and links on your site with your post on it.

Search engines are awestruck by keyword rich hyperlinks that can lead you to content rich articles that focus on your key keyword phrases. To get all the visibility and the keyword rich links that a website can provide you with for just one single article post will take a long time on a traditional site.

Blog posts also can easily be put into RSS feeds on a regular basis, without extra effort from the blog’s webmaster. If this happens, other users online and even other blogs can sign up to receive updates every time you make an entry on your blog. When you RSS feeds are syndicated in this way, the embedded links back to your blog and article are included. This means even more links are created and posted on other websites all over the Internet that connect into your site. After just one post you created a number of hyperlinks that are keyword rich, which are then which are followed by a multitude (possibly 100’s) of highly targeted external hyperlinks. In the event that your RSS feed is submitted to the blog or RSS directory, you could benefit from being indexed by blog or RSS search engines. Other competitors aren’t found because they do not have blogs or an RSS feed.

Blogs are not something you can design and then be left to sit. You must constantly maintain and keep your blog updated with new blog posts and content, otherwise you’ll quickly lose RSS feed readers and erase all SEO benefits you created when you first started your blog. These updates can take time but they make Google or other Google search engine similar to you more effective. Updated content implies that search engines will be constantly searching your website using their spiders. They will index increasing the number of pages on your blog. When compared to a static website that doesn’t update frequently, you’ll have a huge advantage in getting ranked for your dream keywords on Google. The more pages that Google has crawled for your site, and the better suited your website gets and the more authority each one of your articles has in gaining a higher rank over your competitors for a specific key word or phrase. Additionally, your blog will require you to remain on top of your company and ensure that it stays updated and current with new ideas and new enthusiasm.

At this point you understand the enormous SEO benefits of having a blog linked to your website and business. Tons of keyword rich external and internal links, as well as constant crawling and monitoring by Search engines. Well guess what? Blogs have even more advantages then this.

Blogs with active readers who leave comments on blog posts and articles are like mini online communities. The readers link to their most popular blogs via online profiles and constantly interact in a dialogue with their blog. This means that you don’t need to take on all the work yourself because you just got a team of people to get out and begin providing you additional links and more business references all over the Internet. Today, blogs are an essential asset to your SEO and online marketing strategies and should never be ignored.


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