The Advantages of Dishwashers in the Catering Industry

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Not too long ago, every catering institution, from a lowly cafe to a Michelin starred restaurant, employed employees for their washing-up. In the event of the smaller establishment, this might mean just one or two individuals being used on a part-time foundation, possibly students or alternative hard-up people seeking to supplement their earnings or, in the case of big restaurant, an entire army of personnel to wash, dry and put away a large amount of crockery, cutlery, pans and utensils.Very few people enjoy washing-up and it’s not normally a job done out of selection. Consequently, staff psychologist was high and, additionally, constant quality checks had to be undertaken to make sure the washing-up was completed to a high quality and proper hygiene was maintained at all time. It can be tricky to keep the washing up water in a consistently high temperature so as to adequately wash off dirt, tannin stains and other food residues and, of course, there’s a limit to the quantity of heat a individual’s hands can endure. Nowadays, commercial dishwashers are employed in most cafes and restaurants, as well as in several bars, inns and other catering establishments.Commercial dishwashers possess many benefits over hand washing pots, pans, dishes, plates and other crockery and cutlery. Modern machines have short running cycles and are effective, fast and economical. Such temperatures would be intolerable to human hands and many dishes require overnight or long soaking if they may not be washed in extremely hot water. Washing by hand just can’t compete with commercial dishwashers, as the latter will deliver sparkling clean plates, dishes, glasses and cutlery with each wash. Automated dish washing machines are easy to work, as all that has to be done in order to begin the washing process is to put loaded baskets inside, shut the door and press the start switch. When the machine has finished the wash cycle, the light will go out and the door could be opened and the basket removed. Some commercial dishwashers are equipped with a rapid cool down process and this consists of a brief cold rinse in the end of the cycle, which is quite useful when the plates, bowls, glasses or cutlery will be needed quickly. Some machines have additional fast cycle times which do not compromise on cleanliness.Many commercial dishwashers incorporate a double stainless steel skin for noise reduction and heat retention. One of the top of the range specifications is a model which has a cycle time of an unbelievable 3 minutes, which is an excellent advantage for a crowded restaurant or alternative catering outlet.

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